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Richard Hogg

beirut / danforth music hall, toronto / 03/10/2007

Beirut's new album The Flying Club Cup has been the "it" album for me, for the past couple of weeks and I was lucky enough to score a ticket to their sold out show at the very last minute. Beirut's live show was incredible. They performed at the Danforth Music Hall, a sit down theatre, but the crowd was incapable of sitting still. The cheering and applause made me think I was at some Backstreet Boys concert. Toronto crowds are known for being unresponsive, but this was not the case for Beirut. People were dancing in the isles and someone even yelled at one point that the ushers were being assholes. Nearing the end of the show 80 or so people jumped on stage to dance while Beirut continued to perform. It was out of control. In the middle of the concert Final Fantasy made a guest appearance to sing "The Penalty" featured on the new album. What an amazing show.

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carsten nicolai + olaf bender / white line light, nuit blanche, toronto / 29/09/2007

"The sound and light work of Carsten Nicolai and Olaf Bender explores the limitations of what we can see and hear. Taking this as its point of departure, white line light uses electricity as a conduit to identify and lend shape to the invisible and inaudible phenomena in our midst, at the same time creating a palpable tension between the work itself and its unique architectural setting."

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Julia Peirone

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2 björk - headphones (mika vaino edit)
3 alva noto & ryuichi sakamoto / trioon II
4 alva noto & ryuichi sakamoto / noon
5 esem / Sofiatram as i hear it
6 mapstation / listening to stockholm
7 hura yup / moon lymph
8 boards of canada / kaini industries
9 kammerflimmer kollektief / betaeubt
10 nils frahm / durton
11 yonderboi / outro
12 swod / gehen
13 adolf noise / was ist zuviel zeit (dub)
14 dictaphone / sonne free
15 ubertonmensch / skadi
16 boards of canada / turquoise hexagon Sun
17 mapstation / the sinuous ribbon
18 four tet / chia
19 dictaphone / nacht
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22 rokia traore’ / deli

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